Hi there we're Matt & Nadine Korp! We're a husband and wife duo with a passion for photography. Since getting married in 2015, we have begun raising two young girls & quit working our full time jobs to pursue this business together. The funny thing is Matt & I (Nadine) actually "met" several years before through an online forum about landscape photography in 2006, but it wasn't till 2013 that we would actually meet in person. So needless to say, it was obvious that our love for photography is what brought us together & his good looks. ;)


Nadine is the main face behind the lens, while Matt will assist me shooting at weddings & events where we need to travel a majority of sessions are photographed by Nadine & edited by Matt. We do this because this quite honestly fits our personalities perfectly! Nadine is outgoing, energetic, scatter brained, TOTALLY HILARIOUS, & great with kids. While Matt is more tech savy, organized, detail oriented & has a more chill energy. Together we make a great team, I find this especially true for weddings.